High Performance Computing and Communication for Space
Dr. Hans-Georg Paap
Dr. Hans-Georg Paap email: hgp@hpcc-space.de

Current Projects and Research Activities
Rapid System Development (RSD)
Optimization of Space Craft on System Level (ESA).
New concepts for upgrading existing and designing novel space vehicles must be developed and evaluated. These concepts mainly involve conventional rocket propulsion, but air-breathing propulsion and combinations thereof may also be of interest. The evaluation of a wide range of propulsion systems is further complicated by the overall vehicle integration requirements and the full coupling on the system level. Therefore the evaluation of performance benefits must take into account issues such as fuel storage requirements, weight distribution, aerodynamic properties, power requirements, nozzle design etc. Hence a software system that allows the design of the complete system with interaction and feedback among subsystems as well as direct coupling to advanced analysis tools is of paramount importance.